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תתמכו ותצטרפו אלינו

כדי להיעשות בעל/ת עניין, לחדש את חברותך

או לתרום לקידום הפעילויות שלנו.

US Tax Deductible Donation or Membership Payment

The JGF is partnering with the FJC - A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds, to enable US-based tax-deductable donations. The FJC is a public charity that provides management and support for charitable giving in the US and around the world.

Procedure for sending a cheque:

  1. Your cheque should be made out to the "FJC - A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds"

  2. In the memo line of the cheque you write "The Jerusalem Green Fund"

  3. Mail the cheque to the FJC, 225 West 39th Street ∙ 12th Floor ∙ New York, NY 10018 

  4. If there is no memo line on your cheques, put an accompanying note into the envelope, with your full name and the address to which you want them to send the receipt. In the note state that this is for stakeholder membership/project support of the Jerusalem Green Fund.


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