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We thank all our Interns - current and past - for their hard work and commitment to fulfilling our goal of working towards a greener, cleaner and healthier Jerusalem. If you would like to Intern with us please send us an email with your CV /Resume attached.



Yana holds a BA degree in International Business, an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management and a Diploma in Law with an emphasis on environmental law. Previously Yana participated in a shark conservation research in Bahamas and in water contamination projects in Iceland. She has worked as an environmental impact assessment consultant for a steel company in Russia. Yana is extremely interested in reduction of plastic usage in Israel, particularly in Jerusalem as well as in conservation of species native to Israel. Yana will do her PhD in Israel, which will bring her closer to be a researcher and to help Israel to become a more sustainable country. 



Amanda is from California and is presently a graduate student at Hebrew University. She is obtaining her Masters in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Amanda received her undergraduate degree of Political Science and Environmental Studies from Santa Clara University in California. She will be in Jerusalem for the year and is expressly looking forward to her internship at the Jerusalem Green Fund. Amanda is incredibly interested in eliminating food waste and environmental education initiatives. Her love for the environment comes from her three years spent abroad living in Guinea, West Africa. During this time, she was able to see the benefits of a farm-to-table lifestyle while at the same time combating various non-environmental farming practices. 

Intern 2019

emily greenstein.jpeg


Emily, from New Jersey, began her BA in Sociology with a minor in Sustainability at the University of Tampa. She has spent the past 5 months in Israel exploring her passions for volunteering on various agricultural projects in different communities. She is eager to deepen her love for the environment professionally as an intern for the Jerusalem Green Fund. Wanting to continue to connect with her Israeli roots, Emily will continue her degree in Israel. Her ambition is to explore the interface between communities and their environments. Emily advocates for proactive environmental change wherever she goes, and is extremely excited to learn from and be a part of the JGF this summer!

Intern 2019



Abby is a student at the University of Georgia, majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Sustainability. She has a passion for people and enjoys building and fortifying compassionate communities. Her love for the environment was instilled in her by her parents from a young age, and it has become a major driving force in her life. Abby is vegan, loves the outdoors, and practices a sustainable life style. Her internship this summer with the Jerusalem Green Fund has already been incredible, and she is extremely grateful to be learning from and working with such accomplished environmental activists.

Intern 2019

normandy romema.jpg


Normandy is from Dallas and is currently pursuing an Urban Studies and Economics degree at The University of Texas at Austin. She is involved with various sustainability organizations around campus and is spending her summer in Jerusalem interning for the Romema Community Center and the Jerusalem Green Fund. She is passionate about working to improve the environment and loves being outdoors. She is excited to learn about how Jerusalem deals with its sustainability issues and wants to become more involved with the environmental scene around Jerusalem. 

Intern 2019

brad yam.jpg


Bradley has worked with the JGF on reaching more grassroots communities by establishing a database and designing workflows. He is currently an undergraduate exploring sustainability in urban design, technology and economic policy. He has experience working for a market-based water infrastructure social impact startup, prolonging the longevity of water infrastructure systems in developing countries, volunteering at urban farms with aquaponic, hydroponic and permaculture components. He writes a column in a Singaporean media outfit, and blogs about sustainability, technology and culture.

Intern 2018

עין כרם 6.jpg


Davina, from Los Angeles, is a student at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo studying Environmental Management and Protection with a focus on Environmental Policy. Currently, Davina is spending her summer in Jerusalem interning for the Jerusalem Green Fund. She is excited to learn more about how Jerusalem tackles its environmental issues and to get more involved with the Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby!

Intern 2018

sharon alves.png


Sharon, from Brazil, has a BA in Agronomic Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo. During her MASA's program, she's interning in JGF, focusing in urban food growing and volunteering in the Romema's Community Center and in  the Community Garden in the Natural Museum. She always has interest with subjects related with the environment and nature and she's excited to this opportunity of interning with it in Jerusalem.

Intern 2018

עין כרם 5.jpg


Hila is a member of the JGF writing team and the Jerusalem Green Business Forum professional consultant for Strategic Sustainable Development. Hila is the founder and partner of the strategic sustainability consulting firm Ayana. She holds a M.Sc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge institute of Technology and a B.A. in Psychology and Economics from Ben Gurion University. Previously she worked as an economist in the business sector, monitoring and analyzing brand financial performance and innovation. Hila instructed and guided many groups in Israel and the world, and was part of managing different local and international socio-environmental projects. Hila enjoys hiking, bird watching and music. She loves working on matters that she's passionate about, and seeks to learn from any challenge and experience.

Professional Volunteer 2018

noah falkner.jpeg


Growing up in a small town in Southern Oregon, Noah was exposed to sustainability and environmental conservation from a young age. Presently, Noah is living in Jerusalem for two months until he returns to the U.S. to complete his undergraduate degree. Noah Falkner is currently pursuing a B.A. in International Affairs and a Minor in Economics from the University of Maine. Noah is passionate about both local and global politics and is excited to assist in the protection and environmental advancement of Jerusalem!

Intern 2018



Jeremy is an environmentalist and sustainable-food advocate. He received his BA in environmental studies from Washington University in St. Louis and proceeded to work in various environmental, food, and social justice non-profits over the next five years. Originally from New York, he is living in Jerusalem before he returns to Boston to begin a master's degree in Agriculture, Food, and the Environment at Tufts University, on his quest to improve food policy in the US. Jeremy has been instrumental in the JGF's young lobby, the Sustainable Jerusalem Lobby, focusing our efforts, consulting in numerous activities, and making contacts with environmental activists around the city. He is honored to be working with JGF during his time in Jerusalem!

Professional Volunteer 2017

intern DU.jpg


Du, originally from China, is an intern from the Rothberg International School at HU. He has spent his internship researching carbon offsetting, green roofs, and urban bio-spheres. He has also volunteered with the Food for Jerusalem forum working in Ein Kerem and at a local community garden.

Intern Oct 2016-July 2017

עין כרם 5.jpg


Sara is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in the Nonprofit Management and Leadership program at the Hebrew University. She graduated with a BA in Religious Studies from UC Santa Barbara in southern California and currently lives in Kochav Yaakov with her husband, Yosef. In her internship, Sara is helping to develop resources for the JGF website and social media. 

Intern October 2015-July 2016

עין כרם 1.jpg


During Jason's internship he worked with Helene Roumani at the Bio-Region Center.

Intern Summer 2016



Sonti has a BA in History and an MA in Eastern European and Slavonic Studies from the University College of London. Sonti has specialised in European Jewish diaspora history as well as the contemporary history and politics of Israel. In the past, she has worked on a number of projects to do with urban social development, both in Israel and Europe. During her internship, Sonti investigated the impact of the Jerusalem Railway Park on nearby neighbourhoods. Read her report here.

Intern Sept 2015

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קרן ירושלים ירוקה­­ פועלת לקידום קיימות סביבתית, חברתית וכלכלית בעיר ירושלים ובמרחב הסובב אותה, ע"י תמיכה במיזמים קהילתיים. הקרן עובדת עם מגוון הקהילות הירושלמיות, ופונה גם לאוהבי ירושלים ברחבי עולם. 

קיימות מגוון דרכים להצטרף אלינו ולתמוך בפעילות שלנו למען ירושלים נקייה, ירוקה ובריאה יותר.

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